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A K&N Air/Fuel Monitor is a precision instrument which has been created to assist performance enthusiasts calculates an optimum air/fuel mixture ratio. It works on carbureted, injected, supercharged, or turbocharged engines using unleaded gasoline, alcohol, propane or nitrous oxide. It does not work with nitromethane or diesel fuels. The monitor comes with a tuner to adjust for power, economy and/or improved drivability.

To "read" the air/fuel mixture, the system uses an oxygen sensor to sample the exhaust gas. The sensor "sniffs" the exhaust and measures the amount of oxygen present in the spent gases. When used as part of a computer controlled feed-back system, the oxygen sensor tells the computer (via a small electric signal) when the air/fuel ratio is rich, lean or just right. The computer reacts to the signal by re-calibrating the fuel delivery system thousands of times per second. This feedback control loop, or "closed loop" system maintains a near perfect air/fuel ratio throughout the entire operating rpm range. Your K&N Air/Fuel Monitor uses this same electric signal to illuminate a group of 10 LED lights that correspond with an air/fuel ratio scale. Reading the scale will tell if your fuel calibration is rich, lean or just right. Using the Monitor as a tool, a tuner can adjust for peak performance, economy and/or drivability under any load condition or throttle setting.

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