K&N Dirt Track Air Cleaners for Mikuni Carburetor Motorcycles

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K&N Dirt Bike Air Filter for Mikuni 36-38MM Carburetor Motorcycles

These dirt track air cleaners are large by design to allow extra dirt holding capacity without restricting air flow. The "D" shaped oval, with the long neck, permits clamping onto the velocity stack in such a manner as not to obstruct the airflow to the velocity stack. To extend the service life, add one of our Precharger® filter wraps.

Style   Length   Flange   Part#   PreCharger
Oval   6"   10° angle x 1"   RU-1230   RU-1230PK
Oval   7"   10° angle x 1"   RU-1240   RU-1240PK
Oval   9"   10° angle x 1"   RU-1260   RU-1260PK
"D" Oval   7"   10° angle x 2 1/8"   RU-1830   RU-1240PK
"D" Oval   9"   10° angle x 2 1/8"   RU-1840   RU-1260PK

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