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K&N AirCharger Performance Intakes for Harley Davidson® Touring Model Motorcycles

Universal air filter for your Kart

K&N Universal air filters are designed and manufactured for a wide variety of applications.  Regardless of the angle, offset diameter of the air intake, there is a K&N Universal air filter for your Kart.  All filters are constructed with ultra-strong molded pliable rubber flanges which absorb vibration and allow for secure attachment and can also be stretched for up to 1/16" (1.5mm) to fit in-between sizes.  K&N Universal air filters are available in round, tapered and oval designs, for just about any special application.

See our XStream® Filter page for all available sizes of XStream® filters like those shown above.

Note: In addition to the universal air filters shown below, we manufacture hundreds of other universal air filters that may meet your KART needs.  See our Universal Filters page for a full listing of our universal air filters.

 2-7/16" Flange Mount
Motorcycle ATV Kart 2-7 16th Flange

Mounting Flange Dia./Length Part # PreCharger Part #
2-7/16" Centered, Round 3-1/2"Dx4" RU-0800 RU-0500PK
2-7/16" Centered, Round 3-1/2"Dx6" RU-0820 RU-0520PK
2-7/16" 20° Angle, Round 3-3/4"Dx4" RU-1750 22-8011PK
2-7/16" 20° Angle, Round 3-3/4"Dx6" RU-1770 RU-1470PK
2-7/16" Centered, Round 4-1/2"Dx4" RU-0830 22-8013PK
2-7/16" Centered, Tapered 4-1/2"Dx5" RU-0840 22-8013PK
2-7/16" Offset, Tapered 5-1/2-4-1/2"D(top)x4" R-1380
2-7/16" 20° Angle, Oval 4-1/2"-3-3/4"Dx7" RU-1390 RU-1240PK
 1-11/16" Flange Mount
Motorcycle ATV Kart 1-11 16th Flange

Mounting Flange Dia./Length Part # PreCharger Part #
1-11/16" Centered, Round 3"Dx4" RU-0200 22-8009PK
1-11/16" Centered, Round 4"Dx2" RU-0260 - - - -
2-1/16" Flange Mount
Motorcycle ATV Kart 2-1 16th Flange

Mounting Flange Dia./Length Part # PreCharger Part #
2-1/16" Centered, Round 3-1/2"Dx4" RU-0500 RU-0500PK
2-1/16" Centered, Round 3-1/2"Dx6" RU-0520 RU-0520PK
2-1/16" Centered, Tapered 3-1/2"-2"Dx4" RC-1200 RC-1200PK
 2-3/4" Flange Mount
Motorcycle ATV Kart 2 3qtr Flange

Mounting Flange Dia./Length Part # PreCharger Part #
2-3/4" 10° Angle, Round 4"Dx5" RU-1460 RU-1460PK
2-3/4" Centered, Round 4-1/2"Dx4" RU-0900 22-8012PK
2-3/4" Centered, Oval 6-1/4"-4"Dx5" RU-1500 - - - -

K&N RK-1000 KART Air Box

K&N KART Airbox and Air Filters

Many of the organizations that sanction Go Kart racing now require air boxes due to noise restrictions.  The K&N air box, part RK-1000, for Karts accepts one of two K&N washable/reusable High-Flow Air Filters, the RU-5005 and RU-5006.  The RU-5005 has a straight flange and the RU-5006 has a 20 degree flange.

29 mm I.D. Restrictors 85-2000
23 mm I.D. Restrictors 85-2001

In most cases, K&N Kart Airboxes can be mounted onto the carburetor.

Motorcycle ATV Kart Adapter

Feel the Power In The Air!

K&N's "Kart" air filter, when matched to the K&N adapter, allows you to use the standard "spec" plenum air box silencer with either "one, two or three" velocity tubes. Easy to mount.  Comes with all instructions and hardware.

The K&N air filter element comes with a stainless steel or rubber top plate.  Also standard is enough airflow to power a small block V-8 racing engine plus K&N's renowned dirt stopping ability.

The stainless steel top filter part number is RC-5004 (RU-5004 Rubber Top) and the adapter part number is 85-8851.

Motorcycle ATV XStreem PreCharger

KART XStream® PreChargers

The K&N XStream® PreCharger is a specially designed filter wrap made to extend the service interval of your K&N XStream® Filtercharger when used in very dirty, muddy or dusty conditions. They are made from a highly durable polyester material containing uniform micron openings.  The XStream® PreCharger will stop small dirt particles with minimal restriction to the airflow of the filter.  The XStream® PreCharger is designed to be run dry and can be cleaned with K&N Filter Cleaner. The XStream® PreCharger is custom made to fit each application. Elastic binders ensure that the XStream® PreCharger will stay in place.  See our Filter Wrap page for more applications.
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