K&N Clamp-On Air Filters for Modified Minibikes

K&N Dirt Track Air Cleaners for Mikuni 36-38MM Carburetor Motorcycles K&N Clamp-On Racing Filters offer increased surface area over Foam filters providing you high airflow and longer service intervals. They feature High-Flow Technology and are designed to increase horsepower, torque and protection in all conditions. K&N's Clamp-On Racing filters provide the added airflow your bike needs to perform at its very best. Use with a K&N PreCharger for increased protection and service life.
Specialty Filters for Modified Minibikes
Honda   Carb   Part#   PreCharger
CRF50   16mm   RC-2540   RC-2540PK
CRF50   18mm   RC-0790   RC-0790PK
CRF50   18mm   RU-0060   22-8008PK
CRF50   20-22mm   RC-2310   22-8028PK
CRF50   24mm   RC-1070   22-8028PK
CRF50   26-28mm   R-1080   22-8029PK
CRF50   26-28mm   R-1100   22-8048PK
CRF50   28mm   RC-1290   22-8048PK
Kawasaki   Carb   Part#   PreCharger
KLX110   Stock   KA-1102   ·
KLX110   22-26mm   RC-0170   RC-0170DK
KLX110   26-28mm   RC-2870   RC-0170DK
KLX110   26-28mm   RC-0330   ·
KLX110   KLX110   KN-112   ·

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